About Me

   My name is Courtney and I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I am inspired by color and texture and love creating unexpected combinations with fabric and other fiber arts. I will always gravitate toward modern Scandinavian aesthetics, and geometric and linear design continues to show up in my work. My most recent work focuses on making sustainable and usable creations that can help reduce how much we throw in landfills. Replacing one-use paper towels, cotton pads and face wipes is not only good for the environment, it makes cleaning and pampering yourself more personal.

  I have spent most of my life finding ways to be a maker and crafter. In high school some of my favorite days were spent with friends making clothes and necklaces that we sold at concerts to support our music habit. As I got older, I chose a very traditional academic route that shifted me away from creating my own work but exposed me to creative diversity as I visited weavers in Tanzania, bead makers in Ghana and perfumers in Egypt while studying tourism in Africa. Despite leaving academia I can't help but be influenced by the color, texture and culture that I experienced and try to incorporate what I saw into the things I create today.

  Finally having the opportunity to start making again, I looked to my own cultural heritage for inspiration and finding my own voice in my creative work. Scandinavia and Germany have great histories in woven textiles, especially in the everyday use of woven jacquard ribbon, which will always be a favorite medium for my creations. The creation of Kiboko Kidogo has allowed me to explore the way detailed and colorful ribbon and fabric can be incorporated into modern, sophisticated style. Everyone should have the opportunity to show their personal and creative style and I hope to inspire people to find the fun in their accessories and style.